Filing a claim

We offer our sincere sympathy during this difficult time. We are here to make the claim process as easy as possible.

 If you are a former policyholder of Foresters Life Insurance and Annuity Company, please click here for claims information

Reporting a Death

Follow this 3-step process

  • 1

    Notify Us

    Complete our Beneficiary Statement form and have the beneficiary sign it. Though not necessary, including a copy of the insurance contract can prove helpful in settling the claim quickly.

  • 2

    Provide Documentation

    Send us an original certified death certificate that shows the cause and manner of death for the insured.

  • 3

    Send Details of any Related Trust

    If a trust is named as owner or beneficiary of the insurance policy, please complete the form called Certification and Acknowledgement of Trust Agreement for Death Claim Settlement.

Receiving a Payment

Take time to assess your financial situation

Assessing your financial situation takes time, especially if you have recently lost someone. That's why you have the option to deposit your policy benefits into an interest-bearing checking account called a Concierge Account. If the benefit is less than $5,000, we will automatically issue a check directly to the beneficiary.

The Concierge Account earns interest, provides free check-writing privileges and guarantees the safety of the principal. We base the guarantees on the claims paying ability of Nassau. A brochure explaining how the Concierge Account works is mailed with the checkbook upon payment of a claim.

Most importantly, the Concierge Account provides beneficiaries with time to carefully consider options for using policy proceeds. Those options may include investing in other financial products, such as mutual funds, life insurance or annuities.


Answers to questions we frequently receive

The name or names of beneficiaries are shown on the original application attached to the policy or on the policy specification page. If a beneficiary designation was changed, a copy of the change was returned to the owner. You may also request this information by calling 1-800-541-0171.

Please keep in mind that circumstances may vary and the ultimate beneficiary(ies) will be determined during the claim process.

If the primary beneficiary dies before the insured, the benefits are usually paid to the surviving beneficiary(ies), the contingent beneficiary(ies), or second contingent beneficiary(ies). If there is no surviving beneficiary or contingent beneficiary, the benefits are paid to the policy owner or the insured's estate depending on the policy language. If the beneficiary passed away after the insured but before benefits were paid, the benefits are payable to the beneficiary's estate. If benefits are payable to an estate, the court-appointed representative should complete the claimant's statement and provide us with a copy of the appointment document. Please note that a death certificate for the deceased beneficiary is required. Please keep in mind that your circumstances may vary and the ultimate beneficiary(ies) will be determined during the claim process. Please contact us for information specific to your claim.

In addition to the Beneficiary Statement, a certified death certificate, original insurance contract and Certification and Acknowledgement of Trust Agreement form are required.

In addition to the Beneficiary Statement, a certified death certificate, original insurance contract and letters testamentary (sometimes referred to as appointment papers, certificates of appointment or letters of administration) are required.

In most cases life insurance benefits can be paid directly to a funeral home if the beneficiary executes an assignment of proceeds form. Funeral homes typically have their own assignment of proceeds forms, but we reserve the right to request additional information. In order for us to honor an assignment of proceeds, the assignment form must clearly include the following: 1) the beneficiary's signature; 2) all applicable policy numbers; and 3) the specific dollar amount being assigned. The assignment form must also be accompanied by a copy of the funeral bill, which must match the amount being assigned. Please note, all requests for policy specific information related to the assignment must be submitted in writing.

The assignee and beneficiary(ies) must complete our Affidavit of Extent of Interest, which must state the assignee’s interest in the proceeds. The remainder, if any, is paid to the beneficiary(ies). The Affidavit of Extent of Interest is available by calling us at 1-800-541-0171.

Nassau does not consider whether an insured has had a COVID-19 vaccine when determining whether to pay a claim. Please be assured that nothing has changed in our claims paying process as a result of individuals receiving the COVID-19 vaccination.

Need to Talk to Someone?

Please call us at 1-800-541-0171. Available Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET.